King headed to National Spelling Bee

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Emily King

One Pemiscot County, Missouri girl is spelling her way to Washington, D.C.

She will be competing in the National Spelling Bee Championship on May 29 through June 2.

“E-M-I-L-Y K-I-N-G”

Her name is the last thing Emily King has to worry about spelling next week when she and around 300 other kids head to nationals.

“I feel good that I’m spelling the word, but it’s kind of hard to remember sometimes," Emily King said.

King beat out the rest in a regional spelling bee back in February.

She’s one of eight kids in Missouri to go.

“It feels like it never happened, but I know it happened.”

“It’s unreal actually, it’s impressive. We’re putting Cooter on the map right now," said her mother Elizabeth King

“Spelling is just her thing. She does it – just a natural thing," Emily said.

Her teacher, Grace Young, said she’s determined.

“She even studies at recess sometimes. Brings her spelling words and studies. Sometimes I can’t pronounce that word. I do not know what it means. We’ll have to look that up," Young said.

Practicing on the playground is a far cry from competing on a national level.

When asked what about the experience she's most excited about King said: flying on an airplane. 

It will be her first time.

“I don’t know if she really knows what to expect. With the traveling, with everything to come, I don’t think she really understands what’s going to take place, but I think, well, she’s nervous for sure," said her dad David King.

Nervous or not, Emily said she’ll do her best.

“They’re scary, but they’re exciting. It’s easy for me, and it’s like, my talent, and it’s fun," Emily King said.

“We are proud of her and love her no matter what happens, and that we’re going to enjoy the whole week," said her mother Elizabeth King.

The winner will take home $40,000.

Emily’s parents say if she wins, it will go towards her college fund.