Council declines permit

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A public hearing was held in Caruthersville on May 15 on the highly debated request by business owner Wendell Hoskins to issue a conditional use permit for a professional business for his property on Carleton Avenue.†

In attendance was†Bob Lazenby, Jane Ellen Lazenby, Teresa Tidwell, Melissa McClain, Mary Gilmore, Emma Campbell, Aaro Hayes, Eric Petersen, Larita Ward, Helen Hinchey, Brenda Collins, Jane Medlin, Shirley Williams, Jim DeReign, Charles Davis, Beth Bailey, Mike Hazel, Wayne Kuykendall, Harlin Crayne, Tina Rushing, Catherine Donald, Helena Robinson, Chief Charlie Jones, John Ferguson, Sonya Fuller, Terry Rushing, Chief Tony Jones, Matt Duckworth, B. T. Merideth, Josh Rittenberry, Takella Motton, Lawrence Dorroh, J. J. Bullington, Nicholas Cartee and Mayor Mike McGraw.

Ferguson presented the Planning and Zoning Committees recommendation to adopt Bill 2017-08, to make the changes to the zoning code and allow placement of professional offices in residential zones, by use of a conditional use permit to Hoskins for his property at 901 Carleton Avenue.†

Ferguson also presented letters from residents in opposition of the rezoning, which were added to the public record.†

Business owner Jim DeReign spoke saying while the area where his business is located on Carleton was previously used as a business, the other side of Carleton has never had any businesses other than the Presbyterian Church, it has always been primarily residential.†

Helen Hinchey spoke saying she lives next door to the property in question and is opposed to having it rezoned as the area is residential.†

Mike Hazel, who has been a resident of Carleton for over 40 years, said the proposed amendment could not only change the character of Carleton but has the potential to change the character of any neighborhood in the city.†

Jane Medlin said her family has owned property on Carleton for over 100 years.† She suggested if there is not property available on Ward or Truman, then a look at residential areas may be in order.

Beth Bailey stated that she sold a house on Carleton and still has interest in a property on Carleton. She objects to the amendment to the rezoning.

Counselor Dorroh received letters from Donald Jefferies, Frank L. Raiter and Mary Ann Raiter Smith which were added to the public record in opposition to the proposed zoning. Dorroh also received a letter from Hoskins stating he was unable to attend, and is requesting a continuance of the hearing at the June 5, meeting for an opportunity to be heard.

During the meeting, the group also presented a request by Eric Petersen to rezone the west side of South Ward as a C-1, which is light commercial and R-3 residential district. The property is 20 acres adjacent to Industrial Park at the South end close to the factory. There were no questions or comments.

During the regular council meeting that followed, Eric Petersenís request was approved with none opposed.†

Discussion turned to Hoskins request, during which time councilperson Matt Duckworth stated he represented the people of Ward 4 on Carleton and lives on Carleton. He said he did not see any benefit of having a law office on Carleton but would be willing to hear Hoskinís proposition. Councilperson JJ Bullington made a motion to deny the request to have the conditional use permit for Carleton, none were opposed and the matter was closed.†